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10 Ombre Balayage Lob Hair Styles with a Color Surprise!

Whilst we all like to have a simple, modern haircut that’s easy to style – no-one wants their ‘look’ to be boring. So these expert colorists have added a contemporary color feature for a creative twist to classic ombré-balayage lob hairstyles! And along with gorgeous blonde and copper balayage, you …

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10 Shoulder Length Haircuts & Color – Fancy Triple Colors!

We’re accustomed to seeing more than two colors in our shoulder-length haircuts and color, but not like these new designs! These hairstyles are a lot bolder and more futuristic than we’ve seen before. And they work well as easy-care, special occasion and daily hairdo’s. So if you’re a trendsetter and …

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10 Lob Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair

Today’s gorgeous gallery includes several fabulous makeovers, and that’s one of our very favorite things, isn’t it, girls!? Sadly, many of us are wearing a hairstyle that doesn’t suit us or bring out our best features! But highly trained stylists can assess your face shape, hair texture and the amount …

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10 Trending Short Bob Hairstyles in Colorful Hair Designs

Short bob hairstyles always lead the way in high-fashion looks! And I promise you won’t be disappointed in this crop of fabulous, new cuts and the imaginative hair color designs that are the latest trend. Whatever type of hair you have and whatever your face shape, you’ll find a super-flattering …

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