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The Contemporary Guide To A Mullet Haircut

White Blonde Style With Mullet Hairstyle Credit photo: instagram.com/shrunknheads Fashion forward guys who are not afraid to be in the spotlight should take a closer look at the white blonde mullet hairstyle. Though to achieve the look you need to bleach your locks, it will fully pay you off with …

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A Step By Step Guide To How To Exfoliate Scalp

Scalp Exfoliation Benefits So, what scalp exfoliation benefits you can expect? If your skin on the head is dry, you have dandruff or your hair is too oily, then exfoliating the scalp will help you to deal with these issues. Even though human hair consists of dead skin cells, which …

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10 Short Bob Haircuts & Color – Special Event Hair Ideas

What’s the most practical, yet eye-catching way to wear your hair? Well, short is always practical and easy to style, plus the bob is almost universally flattering to young and old, and lots of different face shapes. But what if you also want an exceptional look, something eye-catching but easy-style? …

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