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Colorist Insights: How to Highlight Hair At Home

Starting with a little spoiler, let us dispel a weird but common myth: using lemon juice isn’t the best way on how to highlight hair. While this age-old method might actually lighten your locks, the outcome will be pretty far from what you may get in the salon. And since …

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10 Stylish Simple Short Hair Cuts for Ladies

If you’re looking for the very latest in hair fashion, you’ll always find it in the new simple short hair cuts for ladies! Short hair is where talented hairstyle designer do their most experimental looks. And not only experimental styles, but also the most flattering, easy-care styles, too! So come …

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70 Coolest Long Hair Haircuts For Every Type Of Texture

Long Swept Bangs Credit photo: instagram.com/ryabchik.moscow Credit photo: instagram.com/ryabchik.moscow Credit photo: instagram.com/ryabchik.moscow Long swept bangs are another stylish and practical way to spruce up your look with an additional volumetric layer. The best thing is, they’re super easy to style and maintain. You can always go for an update if …

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