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10 Lob Hairstyles for Thick Hair | Crazy Lob Hair Color Ideas

Have you tried an ‘alternate scene’ or fantasy hair color design yet? They are a lot of fun and can also be extremely chic and sophisticated. Lobs are popular for being face flattering and easy to manage, and they provide a smooth background for some adventurous hair colors. So how …

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10 Inspiring Lob Hairstyles for Women – Color Me Trendy!

It’s that time again, when the new season’s inspiring lob hairstyles for women have just been revealed! And they really are better than ever, with so many twists and new color ideas to keep you’re beauty-look fresh and attractive! The lob is a versatile long bob haircut that can be …

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10 Lob Hairstyles & Haircuts with Radical Color Designs

Today’s fabulous hair fashion gallery for lob hairstyles & haircuts introduces some exciting new color patterns for this season. Straight lob haircuts are always livened up with special hair color designs, but the new ideas really have never been seen before. Fabulous contrasting color borders around the face and along …

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10 Ombre Balayage Lob Hair Styles with a Color Surprise!

Whilst we all like to have a simple, modern haircut that’s easy to style – no-one wants their ‘look’ to be boring. So these expert colorists have added a contemporary color feature for a creative twist to classic ombré-balayage lob hairstyles! And along with gorgeous blonde and copper balayage, you …

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