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Colorist Insights: How to Highlight Hair At Home

Starting with a little spoiler, let us dispel a weird but common myth: using lemon juice isn’t the best way on how to highlight hair. While this age-old method might actually lighten your locks, the outcome will be pretty far from what you may get in the salon. And since the point is to get professional results at home, welcome to the complete guide on creating hair highlights with colorist tips and tricks but without heading to a colorist!


Highlights are a huge trend, and that’s well-deserved. On one hand, they’re just lighter painted strands. But on the other hand, those strands build tons of movement, dimension, and dynamics in the hair, livening up the whole look without the commitment.

While there might be countless reasons why you decide to leave the upgrade up to DIY, you should be aware of the risks, as well as know-how to avoid them. Based on celebrity colorist advice and insights, we’ve prepared this guide for women who want a trendy little change in their hair but don’t have the time for salon appointments. In case you’re one of those brave ones who have always been dyeing their hair themselves, there’s something new for you to learn as well!

Here we go: let’s see what you need for successful DIY highlights.

Colorist Insights: How to Highlight Hair At Home

Step One: Consult with a Pro Colorist

As much as we love hair experiments, we value safety and quality when it comes to coloring. For that reason alone, you won’t go wrong by trusting a skilled professional with your makeover. All in all, this color technique requires a steady hand and strategic approach to the lighting time, all of which you can find in modern salons.

Still, if you want to take your chances, don’t stay away from your colorist, too. Consulting with a pro will help you eliminate possible mistakes and organize the coloring process properly. Don’t hesitate to confess your stylist about your at-home coloring intentions and ask for some recommendations.

Of course, we’re going to cover all the self-coloring essentials in this guide, so make sure to read it till the end to get your fail-proof plan on how to highlight your own hair. With the recommendations gathered from color professionals, as well as your colorist’s guidance, you will have more chances to succeed in the at-home color session.

Tip: Ask your colorist about the coloring products that will be most suitable for your hair type and condition. Also, consult on which tones will be the best choice for your base so as not to end up with a mismatching shade.

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