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The Curly Girl Method – A Game-Changer For Curls & Waves

The Curly Girl Method that’s on everyone’s lips in the curly hair community is nothing but a magic wand that turns frizz into manes full of defined bouncy curls. This brand new hair care routine has brought women to understanding their hair types better, revealing the curl or wave pattern they never knew they had. Now, more and more curly-haired girls are adopting this method, all as one saying that it has changed their hair life completely.


So, what is the CG method for hair? Briefly, it’s a set of products and washing and drying rules intended to enhance the natural curl waiting to happen or perfect already curly hair. But, that’s something more than just hair care: it’s a brand new frame of mind for your hair.

As it turns out, there are many more curly women in the world: they just don’t know their hair is curly. And this is where the curly girl hair method comes in. Here’s an ultimate guide for everyone who’s curly, wavy, in between, or simply frizzy and wants to get the most of their unique pattern. Your curly journey starts here!

What Is the Curly Girl Method?

What is the CG method for hair?

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Now, let’s dive a little bit deeper into the history of the game-changing curly hair care method. Also known as CGM or CG method, the new take on curly hair was introduced in the bestselling Lorraine Massey’s Curly Girl: The Hand Book designed to help women to get to know their curls type and find the right approach to their care.

In her set of unique ways to wash, dry, and style curly hair, the author also shares curly girl method approved products that help to bring out the curly or wavy pattern in the hair naturally. The point is to get rid of drying chemicals to retain moisture and hence give life to effortless curls. If you search on Instagram or Youtube for the Curly Girl Method, you will see lots of girls who’ve switched to this method. Women who once struggled with their 3a, 3b, and 3c hair have finally reached the natural hair balance and unleashed the perfect shape of curls. At the same time, girls who were always convinced they have straight hair have turned out to have 2b and 2c hair as a result.

So, does curly girl method work for wavy hair? It works for all curl types. As a matter of fact, it can work for all hair types. If it doesn’t reveal the curl hiding under frizz in your straight hair, it will at least give your hair the needed detox, as this method is absolutely sulfate-free.

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